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The Magic Pencil!: A Fun Story About Imaginatio...
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Noah is a normal six-year-old boy living a very normal life. Little does he know that today everything will change!One day, Noah comes home from school to see that his Uncle Eric is in town. Noah doesn't have many friends, so he loves to have company. Uncle Eric is a magician and traveler. Some have labeled him as "mad as a box of lunatic frogs". Noah doesn't care though. He loves his uncle and the wacky and adventurous stories he shares.Uncle Eric gives Noah a gift from his adventures in Japan. It's a magic pencil he acquired in an underwater volleyball match with a mermaid named Carl.“It’s not just any pencil, of course. It’s a magic pencil! That fantastic little utensil has been in the Carl family for millions of years. And you’re such a gifted artist already I knew it had to come to you. You’ll be amazed at what happens when you start drawing with this little beauty,” says Uncle Eric.What will Noah draw first?Noah is not very impressed with the pencil. At first, it seems like a normal pencil in his normal life. Things will never be normal again!Noah draws a pirate ship with lots of pirates on board. To his disbelief, the pirate ship sails right off the page. He can't believe his eyes.When Noah excitedly goes to tell his Uncle Eric what happened, he hears a yelp from upstairs. When he reaches the door, he sees the pirates pulling Burt (Noah's snow-white Highland Terrier) into the picture. The pirates have kidnapped Burt! What will Noah do?How will Noah use his magic pencil, and what will he draw next? 1. Language: English. Narrator: Wes Super. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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